Adding layers in painting

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After far too many pages of verb tenses, K and I left our study abroad classroom for a late-afternoon lunch in southern Kazakhstan. She was surprised at the sheer size of the margarita, and I was delighted with her expression.

Above, you can see how I progressed:

  1.  Sketching in pencil over an ill-fated flower painting.
  2.  Blocking in the color.
  3.  Starting on facial expressions and hair.
  4.  Dear Lord, what’s happened to this face?
  5.  I widen the face, and add white eyebrows, apparently. I got fed up and left it for a week.
  6.  Honestly, I should have stopped here. It’s beautiful. But it doesn’t look like my friend. So I forged on.
  7.  Just as things were shaping up, I realized the eyes, nose, and mouth all needed to move left. Oops.
  8.  I got the teeth and eyes… and I don’t want to mess up anything else! So I may come back and even out the shadows a bit, but I’m pretty happy with it.

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