How to Find Librarians on Twitter

I recommend new librarians start using twitter. I didn’t have reason to use it before, but in this profession it’s a central way to share useful links, conversations, and ideas with fellow librarians.

Robert Scoble's Hashtag Sign by Outsanity Photos, on Flickr

Hashtags, the #things that signify your topic, comments, or community you’re speaking into.

Below are a few of the hashtags I find useful for finding ideas or sharing my own. Use these to follow interesting people, respond to their ideas, and retweet to pass ideas along:


This is a good general way to get started, if you’re still settling in to the library circles on twitter. But you’ll quickly want to get more specific.


These tweets focus on data librarians’ concerns, links, or blog posts:


These tweets concern research data management, a growing area of library support for scholars:


This is likely to pull from many disciplines and businesses, so try searching #opendata + libraries to get more useful results (and see also #openaccess):

And moving into related areas…


If you’re not watching this, you should be. @pumpedlibrarian and others are exploring librarianship, power, and privilege, especially around race and class. Let’s use #datacrit to explore the power moves around “data” in our society and in our profession.


This hashtag connects librarians concerned with digital preservation and digital libraries; both can overlap into data repositories and data sharing:


Bringing together user-experience librarians, library ethnographers, and others who improve usability of library spaces and websites. The best posts are by the @HogwartsUXLib:


Ethnographers and anthropologists share tips on using qualitative data to improve libraries:


has people throwing their wishes out into the twitterverse. I’d shorten it to #datawishes:


If/when if you can’t afford to lay down a cool $500 for a conference registration (!), you can still follow along as one of the #leftbehind. Live-tweeting at conferences is almost a competition for who can get out the best quotes first; for now, check out recent posts from  #rdap15, #CILDC, #arcs2015, #acrl2015, #acrldatasvcs, #alamw15.

As dogebrarian would say… so much live-tweeting. So storify. Such doge.

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