Highlighting my colleagues’ work in Africa and Central Asia

I’m not only amazing, but I’ve got amazing friends –and I’d like to share more about what they’ve been doing. Ersatz Expat writes great blog posts for expatriates, and Alexandra Sutton promotes entrepreneurship in Africa. Cool stuff, and you can read more below.

1. Ersatz Expat and blogging in Astana

Picture of Astana's winter frost, by Ersatz Expat
Astana’s winter frost, by Ersatz Expat

I still have a few more things to post about Kazakhstan, but I’ve moved back to the US for now. If you’ve been reading this to learn about Astana, check out what Ersatz Expat has written on the city, at Ersatz Expat.

She’s got great advice for families moving to Central Asia, including how to dress for the cold, as well as shopping and driving tips. She’s got reviews of the sights, holidays, and local traditions… and even the nearby gulag(!).

Ersatz has just moved to Malaysia, so stay tuned for more from the Sarawak / Borneo region!

2. Alexandra Sutton & conservation in Africa

Alexandra Sutton has been working with communities in Maasai Mara of Kenya
Alexandra Sutton has been working with communities in Maasai Mara of Kenya

“A kedge is a small anchor that you use in a fishing boat. We see that as representative of what our program provides–something to hold the boat in place so people can fish for more opportunities.” 

On the other side of the globe, my interview with Alexandra Sutton has just gone up on the PopAnth web magazine. Alexandra recently founded Kedge Conservation to support African communities with the tools they need to expand local entrepreneurship initiatives. I enjoyed learning about the Maasai Mara region of Kenya and Alexa’s upcoming projects in Malawi. Learn her thoughts on the area at: Business Training in the Garden of Eden!

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