Post-College Career Options

Having just graduated college and not sure what to do, these just might be the options I am vaguely entertaining…

Goldleaf Florist sign, Georgia, USA











± Florist.
± Bartender.
± Photo specialist (the path of least resistance).
± Satire writer.
± “Braille Proofreader” (it just sounds cool).
± Unemployed and living in a box (on Broad Street).
± Hermit.
± Moocher/welfare princess/live off others.
± Charity-worker (i.e. let others live off me).
± Furniture-maker. Wood-carver.
± Artiste. (“e” optional).
± Bored and subversive librarian.
± Tyrannical dictator.
± Saintly nun.
± Professional Organizer.
± Get paid to be an anti-materialist (wait…)

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